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Fiber laser is used in tire rubber cleaning

Issuing time:2020-09-25 15:33

In 2020, the impact of the epidemic has brought severe challenges to the Chinese tire industry, which is struggling to transform and upgrade. Survival and development will become the main theme of the industry.

The tire industry accelerated structural adjustment, technology transformation has become the key industry, tire market consumers on the tire performance improvement and increase requirements are increasingly high, tire enterprises began to improve the technical content, to intelligent, safety, comfort tires and other new technology development direction, this is also the inevitable way out.

Optical fiber laser cleaning technology will help the automotive tire industry: improve quality, improve technology, increase production capacity, reduce costs, improve the matching between tires and the body, and improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

New tire technology and manufacturing, laser cleaning involved in the new technology process.

New process and technical requirements for tires:

1. The noise reduction of tires tends to quiet the comfort of tires.

2. Higher safety performance - process of anti-binding and explosion-proof tire technology.

3. Assist in more advanced manufacturing processes.

4. More stable and high-speed on-line production line.

5. Higher integration.

For the above technical requirements of the new process, the inner wall of the tire should be cleaned.

Cleaning needs to control the following key technical points:

1. No damage to the substrate -- the manufacturer does quality control and evaluation.

2, remove the tire inner oil, oil mainly composed of methyl hydrogen siloxane (5 ~ 15%) and water, remove the cleanliness of 99.97%.

3. After cleaning, the internal friction coefficient increases > 35mN/m, and the surface tension reaches 38dyne/cm.

4. Considering capacity demand and capacity improvement, cost reduction, cleaning efficiency > 60cm/SEC, the ideal is > 90cm/SEC.

5. Automatic production line, uninterrupted trouble-free operation.

6. The laser matching 2D galvanometer system can directly clean the range of > 200mm, cover the X direction of the metal bearing layer, and at the same time satisfy the processing coverage in the Y direction of the large drop to the curtain cloth. (The two directions are shown in the physical picture below)


To meet the needs of customers, large spot with uniform distribution on the flat top, large pulse energy, power above 300W, and large drop cleaning -- lasers with large depth of field corresponding to large divergence Angle are required to meet the technical development requirements

Automotive tire rubber cleaning solutions




Pulsed fiber laser

Model: YLPN-100-25 * 50 * 100-500W

Nm wavelength,

1064 + 2

Working mode


Average power, W


Pulse energy, mJ


Ns pulse width


The repetition frequency range, kHz


Optical terminal

Operating optical fiber

Beam quality, M2


Operation fiber core diameter m


Round or square spot


The circular light spot



Square spot


Comparison before and after cleaning:

The comparison figure of IPG YLPN-100-25 * 50 * 100-500-R laser cleaning is as follows:



Before cleaning


After cleaning

Before cleaning


After cleaning


Dyne pen

The Dyne pen can test the surface tension of materials and easily analyze the slight changes of surface ability, hydrophilicity, moistening and humidity of different solids. The method of analysis is simple and effective. Only one mark on the surface of the substrate can get accurate result quickly in 2-3 seconds. If it does not contain any beads, it indicates that the surface dyne is higher than or equal to the index marked on the surface tension test pen, as shown in the figure above. Otherwise, it does not meet the expected surface tension.

Application results:

The actual effect of IPG YLPN-100-25 * 50 * 100-500-R laser cleaning test:



Pulsed fiber laser

Clean evenly, customer evaluation of the damage of the base material far meet the requirements.

Removal cleanliness - 99.99%, particle size up to micron level.

The adhesion force after cleaning is above 38mN/m, and the surface tension reaches 38dyne/cm. The test meets the highest technical requirements of more than 46mN/m, the surface tension reaches 46dyne/cm;

Cleaning efficiency meets the ideal design efficiency > 90cm? / SEC.

The instability of laser running for a long time is less than 3% (constant temperature for 8h without interruption), which can realize and meet the requirements of on-line continuous operation.

The 2D system test covers an x-direction range of 330mm, realizing the uniform cleaning of the drop of 30mm from Y to > of the tire.

Users can also easily operate, monitor and diagnose the Laser through the Laser System software, and conduct rapid diagnosis and fault analysis on the Laser and the external control equipment connected with the Laser through real-time monitoring data. Then greatly reduce the system integration, debugging, testing difficulty, greatly reduce downtime, save manpower, improve productivity.

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