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Metal laser marking machine in the industrial bearing a major application

Issuing time:2020-10-26 16:31

With the rapid development of bearing industry in Our country, bearing varieties have changed from few to many, product quality and technical level have changed from low to high, and the scale of the industry has grown from small to large, forming a professional production system with basically complete product categories and reasonable production layout. Therefore, in order to better distinguish a variety of bearings, many manufacturers will use metal laser marking machine on the surface of the bearing marked each type of bearing model.

Traditional packaging code for printing ink, screen printing, stamping die, until the emergence of metal laser marking machine this advanced laser equipment. With its advantages of fast processing speed, high marking accuracy, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving, optical fiber laser marking machine has gradually replaced the traditional ink-jet method and become a common equipment for code spraying identification in various industries. It can be plastic, carton packaging, metal materials and other materials are inkjet marking, has been based on the domestic and foreign markets.

Metal laser marking machine, ten points faster and any material won't destroy the metal surface, laser energy absorption rate is a function of wavelength, under the same laser intensity, different metals will get different quality tag, concrete can be adjusted according to actual demand, simple metal laser marking machine engraving, sculpture, high efficiency, has small volume, long service life, low power consumption, high beam quality, mark fine durable, energy conservation and environmental protection etc., can be carved deep and shallow text and figure


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