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1. Correct blowing into the protective gas will effectively protect the weld pool to reduce or even avoid oxidation; 2. Correct blowing into the protective gas can effectively reduce the splash gen...
1. The industrial chiller of laser welding machine generally has a filter device, which can reasonably overthink the significant particle residue in the water, maintain the cleaning of the laser hy...
Rust is a chemical reaction, essentially the oxidation of a metal.  The most common form of rust is when iron products oxidize with oxygen after long exposure to air, or become oxidized by oxygen i...
Laser derusting :  Laser cleaning are mainly the use of laser beam in life have rust stains on the workpiece, high-frequency high-energy laser pulses irradiation surface, coating layer can be insta...
At present, people pay more attention to ecological balance. For agriculture, especially economic crops, often confused by bird damage. how to do?  At present, physical, artificial and pharmaceutic...
When metal parts are placed in a humid environment for a long time, rust will be generated on the metal surface, which not only affects the appearance, but also has a great impact on the performanc...
Traditional cleaning industrial equipment has a variety of cleaning methods, is the use of chemical agents and mechanical cleaning methods. Compared with mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corr...
1, The preparation work before using laser welding machineCheck the laser welding mechanical and electrical power, water cycle is normal;  Check whether the gas connection of equipment in the machi...