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Principle and advantage of laser cleaning rust removal

Issuing time:2022-06-17 09:00

Rust is a chemical reaction, essentially the oxidation of a metal. The most common form of rust is when iron products oxidize with oxygen after long exposure to air, or become oxidized by oxygen in water. If rust is not removed, this spongy rust absorbs moisture very easily, and the iron rusts more quickly.

The traditional way to remove rust will cause damage to the workpiece surface, cleaning is not clean, causing environmental pollution and other problems, laser cleaning is a non-abrasive, non-contact type of new environmental protection cleaning way, can solve the traditional cleaning way can not solve the problem, is considered to be the most reliable, the most effective solution. The principle of laser cleaning is the use of high frequency high energy laser pulse irradiation surface, coating layer can instantly absorb laser energy focus, make the oil, rusty spot or coating on the surface of the evaporating or dissection, high-speed effectively remove attachments to or surface coatings on the surface cleaning, and action time is very short laser pulse, won't hurt the metal base material under proper parameters.

Laser cleaning advantages:

1. Green cleaning: without the use of any chemical agents, the waste after cleaning is a solid harmless powder, which can thoroughly solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning.

2, no damage cleaning: laser cleaning without grinding and non-contact, no thermal effect, will not produce mechanical force on the cleaned object, will not damage the surface of the object, will not destroy the base, and will not produce secondary pollution.

3, low cost cleaning: laser cleaning system initial investment is higher, but can be long-term stable use, service life of up to 10 years, low operating cost, fast speed, high efficiency, saving time, can quickly get a return on investment, in the long term, the cost is lower than the traditional cleaning method.

4, precise and precise cleaning: laser cleaning can remove all kinds of pollutants on the surface of all kinds of materials, to achieve the cleanliness that conventional cleaning can not achieve. It is also possible to selectively clean contaminants from the material surface without damaging the material surface.

5, automatic cleaning: laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, with the robot to achieve remote operation, can clean the traditional method is not easy to achieve complex parts of the structure, such characteristics also make the safety of operators in some dangerous places more guaranteed. It can be equipped with automatic equipment to realize automatic cleaning.


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