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What is the role of laser welding machine cooling system?

Issuing time:2022-06-21 14:44


1. The industrial chiller of laser welding machine generally has a filter device, which can reasonably overthink the significant particle residue in the water, maintain the cleaning of the laser hydraulic plunger pump cavity and avoid the probability of water plugging.

2, the application of industrial water chiller is mineral water or double steam water, which is more beneficial to the hydraulic piston pump lamp source directly into the laser chemicals, can cause a better way of laser

3, laser welding machine industrial water chiller is generally applicable to pressure barometer, can be at a glance to understand how the pressure in the laser channel.

4 pause, industrial cold water use is imported refrigeration compressor, storage tank and the centrifugal pump is a stainless steel plate, fan coil units of heat transfer is used stainless steel plate, so thoroughly to ensure industrial cold water machine work smoothly, the cooling effect is very good, can do within 1 ℃ temperature precision, manipulation of the smaller temperature, laser from the dangers of the temperature was low, however, It was suggested that the temperature difference should be about 1 degree...

5, laser welding machine industrial chiller is generally 380V household electrical power supply system, rather than 220V three-phase electricity, which is more conducive to the practicality of machine equipment.

6, industrial chiller with total flow maintenance, when the amount of water output is lower than the set, 3G network phone data signal alarm, can be used to maintain the laser generator and related components to exhaust heat.

7, laser welding machine industrial chiller contains overtemperature protection, if the temperature is not suitable, there will be data signal alarm.

8. There are also water level alerts.

9, there are also a series of industrial chiller can adjust the effect of temperature adjustment, temperature difference adjustment, etc..

10, clean the wire, and sort out the length of the wire, and then box all the caps on the marking head.

11, connect the external wire, you can restart, at this time the laser welding machine galvanometer installation is completed.

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