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Laser derusting and sand blasting machine derusting, which is much faster?

Issuing time:2022-06-16 09:33

Laser derusting : Laser cleaning are mainly the use of laser beam in life have rust stains on the workpiece, high-frequency high-energy laser pulses irradiation surface, coating layer can be instantly absorbed focusing laser energy, make oil, rusty spot or coating on the surface of the evaporating or dissection, high-speed effectively remove attachments to or surface coatings on the surface cleaning, and action time is very short laser pulse, Does not damage the metal substrate under proper parameters.

Sand blasting machine derusting : mainly using compressed air as the power, to form a high-speed jet beam high-speed jet to the surface of the workpiece need to be treated, so that the surface of the workpiece can change.

Laser derusting and sandblasting machine are mainly for some workpiece with rust stains and other kinds of pollutants for treatment, but the efficiency and mode of action of both are different, laser derusting can be carried out directly in the treatment, and sandblasting machine needs to remove excess material on the surface of the workpiece to achieve better derusting effect. In contrast, the processing efficiency of laser rust removal is higher than that of sand blasting machine; Secondly, the operation steps of the sandblasting machine are cumbersome, inefficient, sometimes it may damage the workpiece, cleaning is not clean, causing environmental pollution and so on, and laser rust removal is a kind of green, non-damaging cleaning and low-cost cleaning processing way.

Laser derusting does not need any chemical agents, the waste after derusting is a solid harmless powder, can thoroughly solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical derusting; And laser cleaning is belong to the processing method of non-contact, more without fear of damage or deformation of workpiece, moreover is the laser cleaning system initial investment is high, but it can be used long-term stability, service life up to 10 years, low running cost, quick speed, high efficiency, save time, can quickly get the return on investment, in the long run, the cost is lower than sandblasting machine.

In summary, the overall advantages of laser derusting are higher than sand blasting machine, efficiency is also better!

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