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Laser cleaner LZ-200-LC

Category Laser cleaner
Color black
Model LZ-200-LC

Product Profile:
Laser cleaning machine is the latest generation of high-tech products for object surface cleaning. It is simple to operate and easy to install. It can be handheld or automatically cleaned by adjusting different parameters. Application effects include: rust removal, paint removal, oil removal and cultural relics repair, degumming, de-coating, de-coating and so on. Laser cleaning is an important development direction in laser field in the future.
Our Advantages:
A. Precise cleaning, easy switching of scanning range length, width and narrowness, and precise size cleaning to meet the needs of different objects.
B. Unique cleaning and scanning technology to make the surface of the cleaned substrate smoother without drawing phenomenon.
C. Simple operation, power-on can be used, hand-held or equipped with mechanical arm to achieve automation.
D high efficiency, online cleaning, saving time.
E. Customize imported core components to make the system more stable and no need maintenance for almost the whole life.