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laser engraving machine 4060

Category: laser engraving machine
Material: iron
Color: yellow
Weight: 120kg
Model: L-4060

Functions And Features

1. wide range: CO2 laser almost can engrave and cut any non-metallic materials.

2., safe and reliable: the use of non contact processing, the material will not cause            mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress.

3. Precise and detailed: processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm

4.Saving environmental protection:light beam and spot diameter is small,generally less than 0.5mm; cutting and processing material saving,safety and health.

5. The same effect: to ensure that the same batch processing results exactly.

6. high-speed fast: available for immediate high-speed engraving and cutting                    according to pattern computer output.

7.low cost: it is not limited by the number of processing, for small batch processing         service,laser processing is cheaper.

8. The operation is simple,font specifications, eager to learn and use.




Working size: 600*400mm


RECI Laser tube

15 Linear Guides

550w fan & air pump

Red light positioning

Electric lift

Blade or honeycomb platform

Export wooden box

The configuration instruction


Ruida 6442, Qiancheng 708c

Laser tube

standard configuration:Beijing aifuer, optional: Reci yongli

Laser power supply

Chaori power

switching power supply

5v (red light), 24v(mother board),   36v(driver)

Motor drive

57 Bujin motor, 57 jiemeikang driver

Guide rail

Triaxial 15 linear square rail, thickened aluminum   square rail correction and fixation

Lift platform

·   Honeycomb or blade   platform, ac motor chain drive, Opti     onal   double countertop

·   Red light indicating location

·   Use a separate 5v power supply


standard configuration: cw-3000 cooling water machine, 550w Centrifugal   fan, 005 air pump, Can choose air compressor, the big air   volume


·   Export   cases with extra thickness