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Bird control_Laser bird deterrent

Category laser bird deterrent
Weight 5.8kg

For birds, vision is the most sensitive, especially for green light. Laser bird deterrent device using a wavelength of 532nm green light to repel birds without harming them.   When the green laser beam is scanning, the bird is like seeing a green stick ,so the bird will be scared to fly away.

Descriptions of Laser bird deterrent device:

1.Its working will not be affected by the weather and canwork 24 hours a day2.With horizontal 360 degrees and vertical angle 90 degree adjustable, it could realize scanning without blank area.

3.The scanning area and time are set by customers according to requirement.

4.Besides, it can be connected with solar panels as power supply.

5. Good effect of repelling birds and save cost.


Vineyard, Orchard, Farmland, Aquafarm, Park, Airport, Building roof, etc.

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