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Laser Engraving Machine 1390
Category: laser engraving machine
Material: iron
Color: white
Weight: 120kg
Model: 1390

Functions and Features

Fast curvilinear cutting function: It can cut via any curve fast and consecutively. The laser heads moving in beautiful arc just evoke your imagination of top grade racing car.

Precision screw rod motion and imported high-performance servo system: ensure high precision and positioning, more smooth cutting track as well.

This function is perfect,safe and stabble. Automatic protection function with no water alarm. Perfect dust and pollution prevention design,greatly improving the stability of the whole machine performance.

Using the optical design of flight, the unique design of the optical structure. The light path deviation is small,the stability is high, and the adjustment is convenient.

Applicable Materials

Cloth,leather,wood,paper,organic glass,epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber,ceramic tile,crystal,jade,bamboo products, non-metallic materials




Working size:130*90cm


RECI Laser tube

15 Linear Guides

550w fan & air pump

Red light positioning

Electric lift

Blade or honeycomb platform

Export wooden box