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Desktop fiber laser marking machine LZ-LM10

Category fiber  laser marking machine
Material iron
Color silvery
Weight 100kg
Model LZ-LM10

Type characteristics:
The most advanced laser marking equipment in the world has the advantagesof high speed, long working life and maintenance-free. The output power isstable, the optical mode is good and the efficiency is high.
Beautiful appearance, firm structure, simple operation, no consumables, lowdepreciation cost, long-term operation and trouble-free, can fully meet theindustrialization continuity work needs.
We use the latest type of fiber laser in the world. And it has low powerconsumption, USB interface output control, high speed and no distortion.
Applicable materials andindustries:
Widely used in solar energy, LED, electronic components, hardware tools,electrical products, automotive parts, crafts, precision equipment, gifts,jewelry, medical equipment, electrical components, battery industry, ITindustry and other fields.