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laser beauty instrument
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laser beauty instrument
Category: laser beauty instrument
Material: iron
Color: white
Weight: 60kg

The application of modern laser technology in the therapeutic field of cosmetic dermatology is one of the breakthrough developments in dermatology in China in recent years. In a short period of about ten years, laser technology has formed a relatively complete theoretical system and clinical practice, and has become

one of the main therapeutic means of cosmetic dermatology.

According to the principle of laser luminescence, it can be divided into: continuous laser beauty instrument, active q-tuning laser, passive q-tuning instrument, dot-matrix pixel laser instrument,

According to the luminescence principle of laser beauty instrument, the course is divided into gas laser, solid laser, and liquid laser, all the lasers in beauty industry are mostly NdYAG solid laser, and co2 co2 laser.

According to the luminous wavelength of laser beauty instrument, it can be divided into 532nm 1064nm 2940nm 10600nm super-pulse laser and 1550nm mid-infrared laser.